How To Wash Your Apparel Correctly!

How To Wash Your Apparel Correctly!


_  Don't overload the washer, make sure to give your clothes enough space. Part of the job of the washing machine is to cause agitation in order to release dirt from the fibers of your clothes. That requires room.

_ When washing your fabrics remember to ALWAYS turn them inside out. This will protect the printed design from the abrasion caused between the fabrics during the washing cycles and the additional direct contact with the machine’s drum walls.

Choose washing in low temperatures to minimize shrinking, about 30-40 oC (86-104 F) or even at a cold wash are recommended and use medium washing cycles (600-800 rpm). In addition, washing programs of smaller times (30 min to 1 h) are suggested.

_ Avoid using fabric softener, the rule of thumb is to not use any fabric softener, but If you insist on adding one, make sure that its quantity is small. 

_ After washing the fabrics, air dry is highly recommended. The use of a tumble dryer is not suggested, as the high temperatures can have an impact on the print. Keep the t-shirts turned inside out (the print’s side on the inside) when they are exposed to the sun. But, if you are using a dryer, make sure it's on the lowest temp, around 15, 20mins to avoid over high temperatures, then switch to Fluff Air (No heat) to dry the garments.


*Washing instruction similar for any apparel but please read this if you have white apparel* (Tohru Hoodie)



_ Before you toss your tee,hoodie in the laundry, it helps to pre-treat and presoak your tees. This allows any stains to break down more before the wash, making it easier to clean once it's actually in there.

Separate White Clothes 

_ Wash white clothes together, avoid mixing different colors.

Use Detergent with Optical Brighteners

_ Some detergents are made specifically for white clothes. Rather than using bleach, these detergents use what's called optical brighteners, chemicals that work to visually brighten the look of fabrics. 



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