How To Apply Your Stickers

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How To Apply Your Stickers

Today, I'll be showing you how to apply stickers properly so that it would help them last longer.

STEP 1: Supplies you'll need for your sticker application.

- 70% isopropyl alcohol, a clean towel, a squeegee, and a shade spot( Do Not apply sticker under the sun).


STEP 2: Find a spot for your sticker that you want to place it at.

- With high quality vinyl, you can them on put nearly any flat surface, for example:

. Laptop, car window, fridge, phone, shelves,...

STEP 3: Clean the surface!!! ( Important)

- Apply the alcohol into the towel and start cleaning the surface. Take your time and make sure to clean every spots of the surface to avoid dust.

Microfiber towel and alcolhol

STEP 4: Peel the sticker and apply onto the surface

- Carefully remove the sticker off of the transfer paper by using the transfer tape, avoid holding onto the sticker because dust on your hands will sticks into the adhesive side of the sticker. Then use the squeegee to help apply the sticker smoothly and squeeze out air bubbles.

STEP 5: Remove the transfer tape

- Carefully remove the transfer tape by peeling it slowly, and diagonally (recommended)

Peeling Transfer tape
To keep your stickers always looking like new and lasting longer, park in the  shade, garage or shaded spot to avoid the sun, rain. Avoid scraping, and spraying high pressure water onto the sticker when washing your car. Streetwear Mai Sakurajima
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